Maintenance of Existing Sites

I am happy to take on the job of maintaining your existing website. Whether as a one-off, or as a regular service, please contact me to see if I can help. I can tidy up your existing site, update the content or layout, and can even help write content or enter product details.

Previously I have helped a client set up a shopping cart for her site, and also helped another to tidy up the layout of photographs on a page. One of my current clients build her website using a free Website design site, but then has used my services to fine tune the layout.

Rates start at £20 per hour.


Jiwa Web Design is happy to Host web sites they also designed or maintain.

Prices start at £3.00 per month for an averaged sized website. Sites with high traffic (which will require greater bandwidth) or those which will need lots of storage for images, PDFs etc will cost more. We can discuss this we look at the design of your site. As your site grows this can be adjusted as needed.

This price includes two email addresses.